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The Fight by Jonesy

Jonesy's thinking. Mr. Vinegar blog. Peter Elbling.Mr. Vinégar's Catastrophe. Prince: Checking Things Out.I was getting pretty fed up with Prince even though he’d been the best friend I’d ever had.  He had these dark moods where he growled and smacked me just ‘cuz he felt like it.  He even sprayed the curtains at the house where the nice lady let’s us sleep.  Then he runs out the side window so it looks like I did it.  And for no reason, he scratched the face of the little stray dog on our street.  I didn’t want to believe that story about him killing those kittens – but now I knew it was true.

A couple of days later he followed me upstairs into Mr. V’s place.  Mr. V wasn’t there but I smelled something cooking so he was probably down in the garden picking some herbs.  Hopefully not the ones I peed on.  Prince wandered into the front room where the couch was.  Mr. V liked to sit there and relax when he came home from work.  I was allowed to sleep on the couch but scratching was not allowed.  I made that mistake once when I was little and, well, let’s just say I never did it again.  Anyways, Prince walked around sniffing and poking his nose in everything.  I could tell he was looking to do something mean.

scratchBefore I could stop him he jumped onto the couch and made a big scratch in the leather. Oh man! We would have gone at it right therebut just then Mr. V came in and Prince raced out leaving me to take the blame.  I was mad.  Really mad!  I went looking for him but I couldn’t find him anywhere so I went to all the places he’d marked and I peed on them.  Then I sat down in the middle of the street, howled a couple of times to tell him what a coward he was – and waited.  It must have been a couple of hours later when I saw him watching me from across the road.

He was sitting in the light of a streetlamp, his shadow stretching all the way to where I was.  A car passed between us, and when it had gone, Prince was crouching right there in front of me!  His eyes were dark slits and his tail twitched back and forth.  He made a weird ugly growl that was supposed to scare me but I did it right back at him.  I circled to my right, arching my back to make myself taller.

Jonesy and Prince FightSuddenly, Prince leapt at me.  For a second we were in mid-air slashing and whipping at each other.  I tried to bite him but he pushed me down.  I dodged behind a tree and then flew out the other side and dug my claw into his haunch.  A second later we were scratching and biting and kicking and clawing, racing up and down the street, on top of cars, under them, and screaming and yowling like we had been dipped in boiling oil.  And then, just as quickly as it had begun, it was over, and I was alone on top of a wall.

I couldn’t believe what had just happened.  My heart was pumping.  Blood was oozing out of my left paw.  I wanted to get down but I was afraid Prince might still be around so I waited until the sun came up and then slipped down the wall into Mr. V’s backyard.  I curled up behind a bush and tried to sleep, but now my paw was killing me real bad.  Later that morning I was so hungry I forced myself upstairs and howled outside the door until Mr. V let me in.


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