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Jonesy's thinking. Mr. Vinégar blog. Peter Elbling.My adventure with Prince at the cat lady’s creepy old house continued.  When we got upstairs the room was as crowded with mangy cats as the downstairs had been.  An old Siamese with one eye hissed a warning at us, but Prince ignored him and made straight for an open window.  From there he stepped onto the branch of a tree which went across the garden to the outside of the fence.  He jumped to the ground and loped off in another direction without even looking to see if I was following him.  I was following him because I didn’t know where we were and I wanted to get home.  But we didn’t go home.

We wandered around till we came to a street with much bigger houses.  Prince darted through a garden of rose bushes and round the house to the back door.  If it smelled like the last place I wasn’t going in.  But it didn’t smell like that at all.  It smelled like a really nice clean litter box so when Prince went through a little flap at the bottom of the door – It’s for cats, he said – I went through it, too.

Long Haired Cat. Mr. Vinegar's Catastrophe.I found myself in a kitchen.  The floor was tiled like Mr. V’s but this kitchen was as big as Mr. V’s whole apartment.  There was even a counter in the middle of it.  Prince went straight to a corner where an old long-haired cat was sleeping.  It looked at us and thumped its tail a few times.  Prince nudged it with his head and then went to a bowl close by and started scoffing up the food.  I’d hardly eaten any of the chicken at the other place and now all the traveling had made me hungry so I nodded to the cat and started in on the food as well.  It was top shelf stuff with lots of gravy just the way I like it.  The long-haired cat lay there silently watching us.  We were half finished when Prince suddenly jerked his head up.  His ears pinned back.  I looked over my shoulder and there standing behind us, was the biggest dog I had ever seen.  Sorry boys, the cat laughed, I forgot to tell you.  He’s back from the vet.


Scary Dog. Mr. Vinegar's Catastrophe.The dog raced towards us barking madly, the nails of its paws scraping on the tiles.  Instantly, Prince and I leapt onto the counter.  I nearly fell in the sink.  The dog put his paws on the edge and tried to climb up.  He was drooling and slobbering and barking.  I was so scared I couldn’t move.  Not Prince.  He gave a low blood-curdling yowl and as the dog tried to bite him Prince dug his claws into the dog’s nose – and drew blood!  That made the dog even madder!  I swear his teeth got bigger!  I jumped straight up in the air.  Don’t ask me how but I dug my claws into a long piece of wood just below the ceiling and pulled myself on top of it.

I could hear people yelling and running downstairs.  I have to admit it – I pissed myself.  I think some of it fell on the dog because it went berserk leaping and barking and banging into the walls.  I saw that a kitchen window high on the wall was open at the top so I ran along the wood and jumped for it.  I missed.  I tried to grab the wall to stop myself from falling.  The dog turned towards me.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw Prince leap off the counter and make for the cat door.  The dog twisted in mid-air and went after him but he lost his footing on the tiles and Prince got away.  I must have dripped to the ground.  I screamed for Prince but he’d gone.  That’s when the dog came for me.

I ran straight up the wall.  About halfway up I felt the dog’s breath on my back.  I heard his jaws snap shut – but he missed me!    I clambered onto the tiny window sill, jumped through, and landed on the grass.

I raced around the house just in time to see Prince disappear into the rose bushes.  I know he saw me but he didn’t slow down so I had to run as fast as I could just to keep him in sight.  When I got to the big road I ran straight across and nearly got hit by a car.  I kept on running and I didn’t stop until I was back on my street.  I was exhausted.  I asked Prince why he hadn’t waited for me.  Sorry, man, he said.  Dogs.  I’ll make it up to you.  I know a place to crash.  It’s cool.  I crash there all the time.

I didn’t want to wake Mr. V so I went with Prince.  He led me to an apartment close to my house.  We climbed the stairs and there in front of me was another one of those cat doors.  I thought, Uh-oh, but as if he could read my thoughts, Prince said, No dogs, I promise.  I followed him through the door into a little room.  It was warm and cozy with a nice big couch.  He was right.  It was cool.  Prince curled himself up on the couch and closed his eyes.  I lay down too but I couldn’t sleep.  I was on fire.  I kept reliving everything that had happened.  It was scary but so exciting!    I looked over at Prince who was fast asleep.  Did he live like this all the time?    Where did he live?    And how did he know all these places?    I lay awake for hours thinking about these things and so when I did fall asleep I didn’t wake till the next evening.

Prince was up and eating.  He looked at me as if to say, Ready?  I really wasn’t in the mood, I was still shaking from last night, but since I didn’t want him to think I was a pussy I ate a little, groomed a bit, and off we went.



Peter Elbling Mr. Vinégar BlogThat evening, I again drove round the neighborhood calling Jonesy but my cries fell on deaf ears.  I was about to accept the fact that he was gone forever, when from an alley across the road I saw two cats brazenly strutting toward me.  One was Prince – and the other was Jonesy!  I jammed on the brakes, jumped out of the car, and ran to him.  I tried to pick him up but he fought me as if he was embarrassed at the attention.  I let him go and walked home calling him at the same time.  I could see that he was of two minds but to my great relief he followed me.

Once inside, I locked the door and cooked the fish I had bought for Jonesy when I was out of my mind with worry for him.  He must have been starving because he devoured it immediately along with several treats.  Then he jumped onto my bed and groomed himself.  Something about him had changed.  He seemed bigger or perhaps just more confident.  As I lay down beside him I realized that, like it or not, he had become a teenager and that from now on these all-nighters were going to be the norm rather than the exception.


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