Ladies and Gentlemen, everything is ready and I am moving forward to raise the money for the feature film, Mr. Vinegar’s CATastrophe. So those of you who would like to invest or know people who might like to invest, let me know!

And if anyone doesn’t know the story, here it is:

No sooner does Mr. Vinégar lose his job then his cat, Jonesy requires a $15,000 operation. After a series of humiliating job interviews which lead nowhere, Mr. Vinégar feels he has no choice but to put Jonesy to sleep. But before he can, Jonesy runs away leaving Mr. Vinégar wracked with guilt. Fortunately his neighbor’s daughter, Vanessa, befriends Mr. Vinégar and together they set out to solve Mr. Vinégar’s employment situation and Jonesy’s whereabouts.

Peter Elbling's The Vinégar/Jonesy Chronicles

Peter Elbling's Mr. Vinégar and the AntsTo see a scene from Mr. Vinégar’s CATastrophe, please go to my Youtube channel:


The scene is called “Mr. Vinégar and the Ants!” After watching that video, feel free to watch all of the other ridiculous adventures of Mr. Vinégar on the channel.  Please note:  Since Jonesy feels like he is the true star of the show he insisted that he got his own special section of videos …so please watch those too.

Under The Vinégar/Jonesy Chronicles you will find a blog written by Jonesy and myself.  I write one part of it and Jonesy writes the other.  Now you can even listen to some of them!

So there’s plenty to keep you tickled with laughter.  If you enjoy what you see sign up and tell your friends to take a look.